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Grab some freebies on us to get your self-care practice started.  It's important to have tools in place when you begin life coaching or any inner exploration.   

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Ever catch yourself chasing happiness and obsessing over the future?  Did you know that chasing happiness actually only makes us MORE unhappy, while being grateful for what we already have or where we currently are, helps us feel more joy, attracts more of the types of things we’re grateful for, and raises our vibration (hello, law of attraction!).  Gratitude helps us to be present, which takes our minds off of the past and future, which tend to cause us grief, shame, and/or anxiety. 

Incorporating a regular practice of gratitude into your life is super easy and has SO many benefits, such as improved relationships, higher self-esteem, more patience, reduced stress, and more. 

See for yourself!


Do you ever feel like your emotions are swirling out of control, and the harder you try the more chaotic they feel? As if they were an untied balloon releasing all its air, vigorously flying around the room.  

You are not alone. According to a recent study by the CDC more than 3 in 10 Americans struggle with anxiety and depression. I have often fallen victim to my own internal struggles in life. Utilizing daily grounding exercises has been immensely beneficial in dealing with my own unease. I know that everyone can benefit immensely from daily grounding practice.  

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