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Reiki is a gentle energy healing modality that helps balance our internal energies and is a wonderful form of self-care. It's a tool for healing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Blockages of energy within our mind or body (generally due to stress) create all sorts of symptoms, and Reiki energy helps move and unblock the energy to provide relief and healing. It flows where it's most needed, and since it's energy, it transcends time and space.  Scroll down to learn more or schedule your session today!

Click the Schedule link below to book a distance healing session.  If you live in the Lake Oswego/Portland area and would like to schedule an in-person session, please send me an email.

Benefits of Reiki

About Your Reiki Session

Reiki is performed by Erin, a Usui Reiki Master. 


During a standard in-person session, the practitioner places their hands on or over the body in various positions, focusing on balancing the chakra centers.  While the practitioner has a standard process they follow and can focus on your specific areas of need, they are merely a conduit, or channel, through which the Universal Life Force energy flows. Reiki energy will flow where it is needed most. 

During a distance Reiki session, the Practitioner is able to conduct the session from any location, channeling the energy to the recipient, who does not need to be present.  This can be a difficult concept to grasp, but since Reiki is energy, it can transcend time and space.  Distance Reiki is JUST as effective, if not more so, as in-person Reiki.  A great metaphor for this is "You can love someone oceans away.  You can feel that person's energy even if they're not in front of you." - Frances Naude.

If you live in the Lake Oswego/Portland area and are interested in in-person Reiki, please email me at  If you'd like to schedule a distance Reiki session, please use the link below.

Distance sessions start at $45.  

In-person sessions start at $75.

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