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Guidance through limitations, creating immediate shifts, and becoming the highest version of yourself. 

What We Do

Helping You Create the Life You Desire!

Life Coaching 

We provide tools and accountability to work through any obstacles that are holding you back, helping you to create a path forward and to begin the process of transformation and healing. We provide a safe space for exploring your innermost parts, including childhood traumas, limiting beliefs, repeating patterns, and so much more.

Partnership Coaching 

Relationships can be challenging.  Your partner is the perfect mirror, showing you the areas in yourself that you need to work on, bringing your past hurts and triggers to the surface, and requiring you to be unselfish.  But they’re also a beautiful opportunity to become co-creators of your life together and to build a beautiful sacred union.  Your partner can help you grow in ways you didn’t think were possible.  We’ve found that the majority of relationship “issues” come down to communication, past wounds, and lack of tools.  We’ll work with you to create harmony, learn how to build your partner up, break free from past relationship hurts, and thrive as the best partner you can be!  

We Love All Humans 

We all possess masculine and feminine qualities, and while our work focuses quite a bit on these energies and embracing their characteristics, we do not focus on gender.  All are welcome regardless of how you identify.

The Team

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Co-Founders Tony and Erin 

Welcome, we are so glad you're here!  We created ASCENT to help facilitate healing and growth, empower and motivate, and share our passion for helping others.


Our team will structure a coaching plan tailored to your unique needs.  We cover a broad range of topics and utilize multiple techniques and methodologies to help you make lasting change. 


Life coaching is for those ready to commit to facing things head-on, to begin the process of transformation, to embrace the most unlovable parts of themselves, and to begin the ultimate ascent!


Take a look around, and let us know if you have any questions!



"The best views come after the hardest climb." - unknown

Reach Out

Drop us a line via phone, email, or our contact form if you're ready to get started or have questions.  We're located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, but we work with clients nationwide!


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