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You deserve a fulfilling, authentic life!

What People Are Saying

I came to Erin thinking I needed to perfectly plan out every step of opening my coaching practice in order to be in complete control of my success. From the very first session, she helped me recognize how by actually releasing that need for control, hyper-productive programming, and for everything to follow a perfect logical plan, I am so much better served by connecting with and trusting myself, doing what feels right for me, and spending more expansive unplanned time for inspiration to arrive, rather than forcing myself into tightly time-boxed spaces to produce. Erin has also helped me expand and deepen my spiritual practice and trust in my intuition in ways I needed to ascend to my next level of growth and come into my full potential that I previously resisted out of fear. This spiritual connection has helped to stay steady and grounded on days when doubt comes up and trust that I am a healer and meant to do this work so everything will come in the time in which it is meant to. I’m so grateful for her guidance, wisdom, and experience which has allowed me to confidently launch my practice! 

My Reiki session was an interesting and calming experience. I would definitely try this again and recommend Erin and ASCENT Life Coaching. 

Thank you so much, Erin, for your life-changing Reiki sessions. I have a better feeling of balance in my life than ever before. My journey is beginning and I have an open mind now for living with what the universe has for me.  Thank you very much.

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